06 Oct

Do you also want TADA to grow?

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… or ask your professional or private network to do so.


Every donation you make to TADA will be matched by a generous donator, until December 15th 2017 and until a total amount of 300.000 euro is reached.


This philanthropist doubles every donation of every new donor, as well all written engagements for the next three school years. His goal? To inspire others to support TADA, to give TADA the chances to grow!

Do you want to help, but rather don’t donate? Please share this news with your family, friends or colleagues! Talk about TADA during your coffee pause or share the information about this ‘matching challenge’ on your social media!

To reach at least 1000 vulnerable children and their families for 2020, TADA counts on your enthusiastic support.

Do you have questions? Contact us on 02/781.00.32 or info@toekomstatelierdelavenir.com.

Thank you very very much!