Become a volunteer with TADA now! Invest your time voluntarily to help TADA reach its goals. Below you will find a couple of ways in which you can help us, but this list is definitely not exhaustive.

To contact you at an appropriate moment, we have set up a survey. If you fill in this form, we will contact you very soon. Thanks in advance for your time!

More information via our office (info@toekomstatelierdelavenir.com / 02-781.00.32).

  • Share your passion for your job on Saturdays : Each Saturday a group of guest lecturers (four per class) participate on a voluntary basis. They make TADA appealing and motivating for the kids. Each lecturer does this in his or her own way, within the pedagogical framework of TADA.
  • Offer extra support on Saturdays : TADA is looking for motivated volunteers who love to help with logistics. Sometimes Saturday excursions are organized and extra help is more than welcome. On other Saturdays volunteers assist the guest lecturers in the implementation of the workshops. If you sign up, we will contact you ‘ad hoc’, when TADA is in need of support. You then still have the choice to participate or not on that specific Saturday.
  • Open your network to TADA : Spread the word, in reality or virtually! By making our work known to others, you can mean a lot for TADA. By speaking enthusiastically about us, you can mobilize people, companies, and organizations to commit to TADA. By sharing our appeals via our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), you can expand the TADA network’s reach with just one click. We are permanently looking for passionate guest lecturers on Saturday: help us to reach even more people by spreading our appeals in your own network!
  • Support TADA with your expertise (administration, communication, logistics, etc.) : Are you great in translating? Do you love administration/organizing? Are you brilliant in graphic design? Do you love writing or you are a genius in audiovisual communication? There is something for everyone at TADA. We would love to benefit from your expertise and would be grateful for each hour of your time.
  • Work at TADA : Are you the person we are looking for? Why? Tell us!  All spontaneous applications – for internships or jobs – are welcome on job@toekomstatelierdelavenir.com.