In the Netherlands, ‘IMC Weekendschool’ has already reached a few thousand children and youngsters. TADA has similar ambitions in Belgium. By 2020 TADA would like to reach at least 1,000 youngsters in Brussels: children who participate in the three-year program and TADA alumni who are involved in the alumni trajectory.

In September 2015 a second branch opened in Anderlecht (Kuregem).

TADA started in Kuregem with two new classes taught in French (about sixty children in total). In 2017-2018 this branch inspires every Saturday approximately 150 à 180 children.

Would you like to support our Anderlecht branch? Contact Julie Lefebvre, location manager.

In order to enable TADA to reach its ambitions, extra support is both welcome and necessary. Within this context TADA is continuously looking for new sources of income. Discover how you can support TADA financially.