‘IMC Weekendschool’ was developed by psychologist Heleen Terwijn and launched in 1998 in the Netherlands with the support of IMC Financial Markets & Asset Management. Today, there are ten ‘IMC Weekendschools’ located in seven major cities in the Netherlands. Since 2013 IMC Weekendschool is also experimenting with the integration of the ‘weekend school educational concept’ in regular schools.

Worldwide, TADA was the first ‘sister school’ of IMC Weekendschool. Since then a successful weekend school opened its doors in Hong Kong, while some other countries are also preparing weekend schools using IMC Weekendschool as a model.

In order to spread its heritage internationally, IMC Weekendschool is developing a strategic plan for cooperation and a starter’s kit. Only carefully selected social entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the spread of the concept of motivational education can join the international network of ‘IMC Weekendschool’ and TADA.