1.  Innovative & enriching concept

TADA is an innovative concept: an enriching eye-opener for all participants. At TADA, socially vulnerable children meet inspiring professionals: both learn from each other by working together interactively. A win-win for both parties!

2.  Necessity

Parents and schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods consider TADA a very welcome boost. Often, they lack the time and/or means to motivate their children structurally, to develop their horizontal skills or give them the opportunity to meet with all facets of our complex, rapidly evolving society.

The fact that TADA focuses geographically on the Brussels-Capital Region is no coincidence.

There is a great need in Brussels:

  • About 1 out of 5 children drop out of school early (without a secondary level degree)
  • About 1 out of 3 under-25 year-olds is unemployed
  • 1 child out of 3 is born in poverty, while traditional education in Belgium does not succeed adequately in helping lift them out of poverty, due to a high level of inequality in education compared to the OECD average (Cfr. OECD-study)

Through its approach TADA feeds curiosity and strengthens its young participants to avoid demotivation and its consequences. By boosting schools and families in disadvantaged neighborhoods, TADA fights lack of opportunity and enhances integration.

3.  Potential

TADA has great potential. The concept for TADA has already proven its success over the last 19 years in The Netherlands at ‘IMC Weekendschool’, TADA’s Dutch sister organization.

‘IMC Weekendschool’ has already reached several thousand socially vulnerable children. ‘IMC Weekendschool’ has been successful since 1998. Since 2013 it has also been experimenting with the introduction of weekend school education in regular schools. The impact of ‘IMC Weekendschool’ has been proven by university research. WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education), the EU institutions and the UN have all recognized ‘IMC Weekendschool’ as ‘best practice’ in the field of informal education for disadvantaged youth.