«Because you will benefit from it later.»

This is what we tell kids when they ask why they should do their homework. But for a ten-year-old, ‘later’ still seems very far away. And what does ‘later’ mean exactly anyway? The possibilities either seem endless, or very limited.

Children with underprivileged backgrounds miss this insight into ‘later’ more than others. They usually have few opportunities to meet people with diverse professional backgrounds who they can question about ‘now and later’. TADA wants to open the door ‘to the world’ for these children by allowing them to discover all aspects of society through experiential learning classes on weekends.

The 100% bilingual (NL/FR) non-profit organization TADA provides supplementary, voluntary, motivational and society-oriented education to children aged 10 to 14, who come from the most socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Brussels. Over the course of three school years the TADA pupils discover diverse aspects of society in weekly experiential classes. Every Saturday the TADA pupils receive courses from inspiring professionals – volunteers – from all areas of the labor market, for example entrepreneurs, engineers, chefs, lawyers, and journalists. Through experiential learning and courses on topics such as law or finances for kids, TADA shows kids what ‘later’ could have in store for them.


By doing, these children not only get to know the greater society and the labor market, but they also discover themselves: what they’re good at and what they like. By doing, the TADA students develop a critical eye as well as their horizontal skills, such as creativity, discipline, and a sense of initiative. By doing, TADA increases their knowledge about and their connection with society.